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Do I have to submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12)?

The tax season opened on 1 July 2013 and the first question is – do you have to submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12)? If all the following apply to you then you do not have to submit a Return.

  1. You earn only a salary and from one employer.
  2. You don't have any other income e.g. taxable interest or rent or income from another job.
  3. Your total salary for the year before tax is not more than R250 000.
  4. You don't have any tax deductions to claim for medical expenses, retirement annuity contributions or travel expenses.

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A comprehensive summary of the Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (No. 68 of 2008) which is a Broad Ranging Act covering the supply of Goods and Services in South Africa has been in effect since 24th April 2011. We have put together a summary of what it is and how it impacts you and your business.

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Impact of the New Consumer Protection Act

1 April 2011 saw the New Consumer Protection Act come into effect. This is a comprehensive act and covers pre-sale offers, sales contracts and post-sale circumstances. All organizations need to be aware of both their rights and obligations so that they know where they stand if certain issues arise. It therefore may be necessary to speak to your organization's attorneys to obtain clarity on issues that are pertinent to yourselves such as for example cancellation of contracts and returns of purchased goods. There are many issues which will need to be clarified over a period of time but it is important that organizations develop their policies on issues in advance before issues arise so that staff knows how to deal with them.

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Do Your Credit Sales Fall Under the National Credit Act?

All your transactions with your customers, clients or patients are in simplistic terms either cash or credit transactions. Cash if the amount is settled upon delivery of the goods or service or the account is settled within a few days of delivery of the goods or service. If, however, after providing the goods or service an account is issued to the customer personally or either by mail or e-mail after which a month-end statement is rendered to the customer, then that transaction would be a credit transaction.

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Course Features

Our courses are completely realistic. Trainees actually keep a set of books while attending the course.

Step-by-step testing and auditing ensures that trainees are competent before proceeding to the next stage of the course.

All tasks are completed using the VAT system so that trainees are competent in VAT procedures from a practical point of view.

In all courses the language of instruction is English. Every reasonable attempt is made to accommodate people living with disabilities.

Course fees cover all manuals and materials.

Course Venues

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Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

A foundation course designed for those who want to keep and maintain the daily, weekly and monthly of books of accounts to the Trial Balance level including VAT procedures.

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Advanced Bookkeeping

This Short Learning Program (SLP) follows the Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Course and equips trainees with the skills and knowledge to deal with more complex monthly and year-end procedures.

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Financial Reporting

This SLP integrates with the two previous courses and covers the Financial Statements, Financial Ratios, Business Taxation, Distribution of Profits and Financial Manipulation.

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Payroll Administration

This SLP deals with statutory deductions from the salaries and wages of employees and also statutory returns required by SARS.

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Learn how to enter and process transactions over the 12 periods of the financial year using Pastel Partner software.

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